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Success Tips

Direct Sales and Party Plan Tips

Over the last 13+ years as a successful Direct Sales business owner, I’ve had the opportunity to coach team members, and other Direct Sellers, on business strategies and success tips. I remember how helpful it was to me, especially as a new Scentsy consultant, to learn from those more experienced direct sellers. I joined a few networking groups, talked with other direct sellers during events, and asked lots of questions.

I’m excited to use this platform to offer helpful moneymaking success tips for your Direct Sales business. I’ll also be adding ideas for Scentsy home parties, as well as helpful generic information and ideas for other Direct Sales businesses, and tips and strategies for successful online Scentsy business marketing.

Tips for How to Work from Home with Small Children

As an in-home child-care provider for 10+ years, I know how difficult it is to work from home with small children. Running a small business from home can be challenging when you have babies and toddlers wanting your attention. I have lots of experience and will share tips for how to work from home with small children.

Scentsy Customer Help

Are you a Scentsy Customer that needs help with Scentsy replacement parts, laundry care tips, or ideas on how to use Scentsy products? Since I’m a Scentsy consumer, and an Independent Scentsy Consultant, I’ll share my passion to help you get the most out of your Scentsy products.

Scentsy Online Business Images for Social Media

To save you time, I’ll be adding free Scentsy images to use for your online Facebook parties, Pinterest, and other social media platforms where you share your Scentsy business online. Add your Scentsy Independent Consultant information in your own editor software. Share to your social media pages, and join me on Pinterestand Facebook.

Scentsy Business Ideas

Check back here on a regular basis for more Scentsy Business Ideas. While I have my own business to run, I’ll do my best to add new content as time allows. I’ll be sharing images, favorite business books, motivation, and uplifting stories of success to help inspire you as you grow your business.

Why do I offer help with your Direct Sales and Scentsy Business?

My Scentsy success was due to others who inspired and shared with me as a new consultant, and I continue to learn from others in the industry. It goes along with showing what we like to call “Scentsy Spirit!” – our culture of “Give more than you take”, and our Scentsy Values of Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity. It’s important that we help one another and work together to promote the Direct Sales model of small business opportunity.

I look forward to sharing with you lots of Scentsy success tips and ideas for work from home Moms, and direct sales business owners. As a Scentsy SuperStar Director, I wish you great success in your small business, or other Direct Sales or Party Plan Companies.