Peppermint Rush Scentsy Bar Refill

Smells like peppermint gum, candy canes and a little sweet vanilla, Peppermint Rush Scentsy Bar is freshly fallen snow on a cool crisp day.

Buy Peppermint Rush Scentsy Bar OnlinePeppermint Rush Scentsy Bar Refill

Peppermint Rush is NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Peppermint Rush Scentsy Bar Refill Online

Peppermint Rush Scentsy Bar refill is available online and offers notes of peppermint and vanilla, like a field of fresh fallen snow. Add 4-5 cubes of Peppermint Rush candle wax cubes to your favorite Scentsy wickless candle warmer and breathe in cool, refreshing holiday fun.

Scentsy Bars have a very low melting point and are best experienced when used in an electric Scentsy Warmer. With over 90 long lasting fragrances, including our Peppermint Rush Scentsy Bar refill, there’s sure to be a favorite for everyone. Each Scentsy bar is scored to easily break into 8 cubes, and contains 3.2 fl. oz.

Scentsy Bar Refill Savings

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Peppermint Rush Scentsy Bar Refill Online